Blending to Windows and iOS since 2009

Welcome to Sidharth Is Programming. This website contains all  unique programs. Please check them out. These are 100% secure. Hope you like it and do not have any problems using or installing them. Incase you want to give feedback or have any problem please mail me at

It is also available for download under the Downloads tab.

Here are some of the softwares that I have created. Jump to the Downloads tab to download copy of it for you.

i>    Stylish Status

ii>   Mobile No. Info (V2 Now Available)

iii>  Shortcut By Sidharth


In the past few days I have created some pranks also, to play on my friends. These are also available for download.

i>  Beep

ii> Taskbar is useless

iii>Computer hacked

These are available in the Pranks tab.

All softwares available here are free. It is my atmost request that please do not upload these softwares to any other sites, as it is only for  Non-commercial use. Making any modifications is also prohibited.

Thank You for visiting. If you liked it please recommend others also.

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