Welcome To Mobile No. Info official webpage.

      This software lets you trace any Indian mobile number. Just simply download the software, install it and start using it. The Version 2 is available for downloads under the downloads tab. This new version lets you simply manage all your notes and contacts, and has an inbuilt update checker which checks for updates whenever you want to and keeps on adding with the new phone numbers introduced. This software comes preloaded with the 80 version phone numbers. Instant help is also available, lust mail me at sidhu_goethals@hotmail.com. Please leave any feedbacks unders the feedback tab. This updated version also includes features like calender, notes, contacts and many more.

       The Mobile version is also available, which means Mobile No. Info on the go. This version does not support the newly introduced numbers (i.e. 8xxxxxxxxx, 9582xxxxxx, and very few other). To download, go to the downloads tab and download ForMobile.jar and transfer it from your PC to you phone and start using it. Or if you have GPRS enabled on your phone just simply visit http://sidharth.yolasite.com/resources/Downloads/ForMobile.jar from your phones browser and it will be installed automatically.

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